Birch Hill Renovation Update!

Multipurpose Room and Fitness Center Construction Progress News

Our first concrete pour of the sidewalks took place last week – these should be complete by the end of next week.
Weather permitting, the landscaper should be planting early next week, following a revised planting plan provided by the resident-run Beautification Committee.
The wiring for our hearing loop system has been laid, and the carpet is close to completion throughout the addition. Next week we’ll have the fitness center floors laid also.
The ceiling work had to pause in order to get the carpet laid on schedule, so that will start back up next week.
The wall coverings for the corridor arrived, and those will also go up next week.
In the fitness center, our wall mirrors and ballet barres have been mounted.
Our data and audio-visual equipment room are being fitted out with all the equipment needed to control the new ceiling-mounted projector system and connect our devices in the addition to the computer network in the rest of the building.
By Thanksgiving, the interiors of the Fitness Center and Multipurpose Room should be finished!

Update from Robbie Boyd, Senior Director of Operations

birch hill multipurpose room and fitness center

The Multipurpose room is tan and the Fitness Center is painted light blue.

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