Birch Hill’s Annual Holiday Board Social 2017

On Friday, December 1, 2017, Birch Hill Residents and Board members gathered for the annual holiday celebration in the newly renovated Living Room at Birch Hill CCRC.
Linda Phypers, the new Executive Director was also in attendance.  She starts her new position at Birch Hill full-time in January and a formal announcement will follow.
From top right: Linda Phypers, Executive Director of Birch Hill, resident Am Rogers, resident Edna Snow and Nikki St. Cyr, waitstaff, Kerry Olson Gen. Mgr. or Hospitality and Rob Deoleo, Asst. Dir. Dining, residents Anita Metivier and Stan Anderson, residents Ellie Freedman and Peg Forand. resident Board Member Chuck Smith and wife Doris, resident Sylvia Broady, resident Sara Sarette, resident Fran Wiggin, Maureen Raboin, Director of Health Services, Janet Bamberg, Board Member, resident Charlie Bamberg, Board Member and Chair, Joan Stevens, Board Member Steve McPherson, resident Ed Rogers.

Birch Hill Renovation Update!

Multipurpose Room and Fitness Center Construction Progress News

Our first concrete pour of the sidewalks took place last week – these should be complete by the end of next week.
Weather permitting, the landscaper should be planting early next week, following a revised planting plan provided by the resident-run Beautification Committee.
The wiring for our hearing loop system has been laid, and the carpet is close to completion throughout the addition. Next week we’ll have the fitness center floors laid also.
The ceiling work had to pause in order to get the carpet laid on schedule, so that will start back up next week.
The wall coverings for the corridor arrived, and those will also go up next week.
In the fitness center, our wall mirrors and ballet barres have been mounted.
Our data and audio-visual equipment room are being fitted out with all the equipment needed to control the new ceiling-mounted projector system and connect our devices in the addition to the computer network in the rest of the building.
By Thanksgiving, the interiors of the Fitness Center and Multipurpose Room should be finished!

Update from Robbie Boyd, Senior Director of Operations

birch hill multipurpose room and fitness center

The Multipurpose room is tan and the Fitness Center is painted light blue.

Would you like to see the renovations in person? Request a tour today!


Birch Hill Residents Participate in the Manchester, NH Walk to End Alzheimer’s

On September 23, Arms Park, Manchester, NH, the Birch Hill Team, better known as the “Birch Hill Bale”, participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. The team earned over $3,800! Congratulations and Great Job!

Top picture l-r: Back row- Residents Alan Dustin, Warren Parnell, Shuttle Driver Paul Byrne, Team Capt. & Resident, Bill Foss, Facilities Manager Tyler Huff, Front row- Director of Resident Services, Johanne McQuaide, Residents Peg Forand & Edna Snow, Next picture-Residents Peg Forand, Nancy McGaan, Alan Dustin, Bill Foss, Zee Morse, Warren Parnell, Virgina Martin.


World War II Victory Medal Awarded to Birch Hill Resident, Mary “Polly” Paquette, After 71 Years

It took 71 years for the World War II Victory Medal to finally be awarded to Mary “Polly” Paquette. Saturday, September 16th I had the honor of escorting fellow Marine Polly Paquette to the presentation ceremony. This event was made possible by the Area I Director of the Women Marines Association. “We take care of our own and attempt to locate Women Marines of World War II who are not aware that they are recipients of this award” stated the Area 1 Director Jamie DePaola, a retired USMC Sergeant Major. One other Marine being presented the medal was Mrs. Martha Potter from Concord NH.

The Marine Corps Women’s Reserve was established in February 1943 after being disbanded at the end of World War I. Polly enlisted in December of that year. The saying at the time was that for every woman that enlisted, a man would be free for combat. Unaware of this, Polly enlisted in the Marines out of a sense of duty for her country, never wanting or expecting any awards or special recognition for her patriotic duty. Many other women answered the call to duty in other ways by joining the ranks of Rosie the Riveter. They increased the number of working American women from 12 million to 20 million by 1944, a 57% increase from 1940.

The WW II Victory Medal was authorized by the President in 1946 when the war was officially at its end. Though the war for the most part, was over in 1945, far too many military personnel had left the service, gone home; and were/are unaware of the award they had earned.

The front of the medal depicts the Liberty figure resting her right foot on a war god’s helmet with the hilt of a broken sword in her right hand and the broken blade in her left hand. The reverse contains the words, “FREEDOM FROM FEAR AND WANT,  FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND RELIGION, and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1941-1945.” The red center stripe of the ribbon is symbolic of Mars, the God of War, representing both courage and fortitude. The twin rainbow stripes, suggested by the World War I Victory Medal, allude to the peach following a storm. A narrow white stripe separated the center red stripe from each rainbow pattern on both sides of the ribbon. The World War II Victory Medal provides deserving recognition to all of America’s veterans who served during World War II.

After the presentation at the Southside Tavern of Manchester, we enjoyed a nice lunch and some interesting conversation with all the other Marines present.

Oohrah and Semper Fi Polly!

Congratulations to Polly from Birch Hill!

by Don Godfrey, Birch Hill Driver. He was Mrs. Paquette’s escort to the award ceremony on Saturday.


See the ceremony: Link to WMUR Channel 9 Broadcast


Birch Hill Resident Polly Paquette (sitting on the right) Receives WWII Victory Medal, Polly also recently participated in the Honor Flight New England.



Birch Hill says Goodbye to President & CEO, Gary Zabierek!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017, Residents, Staff, Board Members, and Friends, bid Gary a fond farewell at a party held in his honor last week, where he was presented with a commemorative chair from The Manor.

Gary was with Birch Hill for over 15 years; from our beginnings as Hillcrest Terrace, through the recession days of 2008, to the work put forth to receive a $5M donation in 2009, to the successful affiliation with The RiverWoods Group last year. It’s an exciting time for Birch Hill, and Gary’s many accomplishments and leadership will have a positive influence in the community for years to come. We will all miss Gary and wish him the best of luck as he begins a new journey!

The search for a new CEO has begun and we hope to have a selection made, and a new leader for Birch Hill on board by the start of the new year



The Union Leader newspaper awarded The Manor at Birch Hill Assisted Living The Reader’s Choice Award.

Ballots were printed in the NH Sunday Newspapers from May to June.  They also had online voting during that time period on

More than 1,800 voters cast 34,054 printed and online votes to choose their favorite businesses in 150 categories.

Congratulations to The Manor for being our Gold Winner for Best Assisted Living Facility!




In the past couple of weeks at Birch Hill, the slab was poured and the walls of the addition are going up. The crew has gotten most of the perimeter and internal walls completed. They’ll continue to work on this, and then roof trusses will arrive pre-made to be placed on top. Curious? Call us for a tour and see it in person!




The slab has been poured for the new addition at Birch Hill! The walls will soon be going up, and we have an updated rendering of the completed exterior of the project. Stay tuned for more updates, or come on over and take a tour!  Call 603-836-2302 or go to our Learn More page to sign up for a tour.



With the apartment renovation completed, ground has broken on the five thousand foot expansion of a brand new Fitness Center, Multipurpose Activity Room and Living Room / Nook areas.The construction is taking place right outside the former Nook / Living Room entrance, near Wing C. In addition, no parking spaces will be lost in this renovation.


Want to see the project for yourself?  Call 603-836-2302 for a tour today.


Our Renovations Are Currently Underway!

Since Birch Hill announced the affiliation with The RiverWoods Group, and subsequent $9 million investment in the campus, the Renovation Project includes completely redesigned apartment homes, an expanded 5,000 square foot fitness center and multipurpose room, dining venues, living room/nook and hallways. Below are architectural renderings of what the new spaces are going to look like:

Would you like a tour?

Please contact Kelly Madore, or call 603-836-2302 today!

For more, go to:  Renovation Project 

If you haven’t seen Birch Hill lately, you haven’t seen Birch Hill!